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About Jim McLean

With roots buried deep in the fertile soil of British and American traditional music I have been performing and writing for 35 years. I have been fortunate enough to be able to play and visit across the UK, Europe and USA at clubs, festivals and shows.

People are kind enough to tell me that I have a presence which will engage and hold an audience for the entire show. One venue organiser summed it up as, “Jim McLean plays to an audience, not at an audience”

Musical Style

In clubs and theatres I mostly play solo, using 6 and 12 string guitars, usually through a small PA system. At times, when the occasion calls for it, I have played with the help of a range of musicians on bass, mandolin, violin and percussion. Whether with a band or playing solo, the music style is strongly acoustic guitar based. From Celtic instrumentals through folk, americana, blues and country. I love the challenge of continuing the folk tradition, including reinterpreting songs to keep them current whilst staying faithful to the original. My guitar playing uses a variety of tunings, and mixes rhythm and finger picking styles.

For functions, such as Wedding, Birthday, Corporate, Restaurant or Pub I have over 300 popular and classic songs and will also play any special favourites of the organiser. You might also want to consider holding a House Concert!

I have recorded 5 albums and am pleased that my own songwriting efforts are warmly received by audiences and there is no greater compliment than an audience singing along to one of your own songs. You can hear some of those songs on this site via the media player on the home page.


I have my own studio - Acoustic Village Studios. When I am not recording or performing I mix and master other people’s music which they send to me, or provide recording facilities for other solo or duo performers. For details of the studio and how it could help you please email me and I will get in touch.

To book Jim McLean for your club or venue please go to the Gigs page or click here.