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This fourth album by Jim McLean of mainly traditional songs centre around the theme of travelling. The journeys are physical (“Oregon", "Trail Of The Buffalo", "Mingulay"). They are philosophical (Burns' beautiful"Tae A Moose", the harsher but more pragmatic "Twa Corbies").

Above all, these songs are journeys of the soul - of Love, Loss, Faith and Perseverance. "Bonnie Glenshee" shines a ray of hope through perilous times. "Ladye Gaye" warns us against succumbing to Death's despair whilst Tom Paxton's "Rambling Boy" finds a way through the sadness of loss to celebrate Life.

With intricate and original arrangements Jim McLean renews so-called "standards" and elevates them to a higher level. With its diversity of material, varied styles and McLean's inimitable delivery this is a truly great folk album. Sit back and enjoy!

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